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Much Happier Without Facebook, FOX, and Football

I have been several weeks now without fixating on Facebook, FOX News, and the NFL. I’m not actually one to “fixate” on them. But they have been a part of my routine. Not anymore. Why?


There’s no point anymore. I am sick of memes, forwards to messenger that say “Please forward to friends” or that contain links to fake news articles from people with no discernment. As far as it’s platform for social commentary—it’s either an argument or an echo chamber; an opportunity to get likes or create conflict. Has FB been useful ever? Sure, but not enough to put up with the rest of it.

FOX News

If I am going to watch the news it will be FOX News, especially FOX and Friends. But they are carriers of the diseased malaise that has become American culture and I am sick with it and sick of it. I will continue to pick up headlines here or there, but the news in almost all cases—FOX or not—a body count, a racial argument, and a constant political squabble.


The NFL lost me this year. It’s not just the NFL though. I am so tired of people who use their athletic or acting skills to purvey a following for their cultural opinions. I’m sick of politicians too! Together, the people in these industries are arrogant and have collectively become a type of aristocracy. Putting up with them calls my own integrity into question: You entertain me so I look the other way as you destroy our culture! No.

Feeling Better

Since I put these things away I have found that I am beginning to be able to see the simple, pure things again. Life doesn’t have to be about protests, sexual innuendo, and cheap life-lesson memes. There are still some virtuous things to experience around us.


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