Personal Growth / Shame

Stay Away from this Hurtful “Shame-Creating” Statement

I am intimately aware of two “recent-ish” examples where an influential leader with power and influence said to someone under them, “I am so disappointed in you!” Have you ever thought about what that statement means? It doesn’t convey that one is disappointed with the deeds someone has committed. It conveys that one is disappointed … Continue reading

Bitcoin / cryptocurrency

4 Reasons You Should Stop What You Are Doing and Buy Bitcoin Right Now!

Okay. I get it. It’s perfectly understandable! The idea of a digital currency with an ominous name like cryptocurrency sounds iffy at best and, perhaps, downright scandalous. But that was then. This is now! Here are 4 reasons you should strongly consider investing in Bitcoin. 1. It’s affordable Bitcoin (BTC) is presently trading for $8,315.60 … Continue reading

Culture Apologetic / Current Event

When You Think You’ve Heard it All…The Beyoncé Mass?

The Beyoncé Mass—and the humanistic, self-seeking logic behind it—is an example of what happens when the seeds of self finally come to full bloom. The “priest” in the video declared Beyoncé to be a better theologian than most of the theologians and pastors in our churches today. Who knew? The purpose of the Church and … Continue reading

Bitcoin / cryptocurrency / Current Event / The Future of Crypto

Pay Attention! Wall Street is Embracing Bitcoin! You Better Hurry!

If you have been wondering Bitcoin and cryptocurrency is real you should watch this video! Blockchain technology and cryptocurrency is reshaping global financial paradigm. It is here to stay. Continue reading

Current Event / Morality

Success at Any Cost? A Lesson Learned from Verge, the New Porn Coin

Yesterday, after weeks of hype, veiled hints, announcements, and conjecture, Verge (XVG) did in fact come forth with an announcement that impacted the crypto world: At the cost of raising 75,000,000 XVG, or 5.2 million dollars, to do it, it will partner with Porn Hub which announced it will take XVG in exchange for its … Continue reading