By Scott Fowler

I am frequently asked if all sins are equally bad or if some sins are worse than others. Sometimes I just hear the statement being made in passing, “Well, we know that all sins are equal in God’s eyes.” Usually, this idea is tied to the sentiment suggesting the Church should not spend so much time harping against homosexuality, abortion, and evolution (the “big 3”), and spend more time dealing with Christians who lie, cheat on their taxes, and commit adultery. Surely those things are just as destructive as the big 3.

Without a doubt, sin separates us from God. And, barring a discussion on the possibility that the punishment of hell will be intensified upon its inhabitants by degrees based on the degree of their sinfulness, we can agree that once a person goes to hell it may not matter at that point whether it was…

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March 28, 2013


By Scott Fowler

I would love to hear your thoughts on the questions below!

“Are all sins equal in the sight of God?”  Put another way, “Is one sin worse than another?” If yes or no, please explain. Then answer this, “Why does the church spend so much of its time talking about abortion, homosexuality, and evolution?”

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And another thing about Sunday night’s “The Bible”

There was another portrayal from the fourth part of The Bible on the History Channel that was potentially the most explosive insinuation of the entire series thus far. It wasn't Peter walking on the water, although Burnett and Downey's depiction of that story came awfully close to saying it was just a dream. I think the view of Peter … Continue reading And another thing about Sunday night’s “The Bible”

“Messing with the Barbecue!” The Bible on the History Channel, Part 4

Don’t Mess with the Barbecue! I’m from Texas and one of the things I miss here in New York is good-ol’ Texas barbecue. I have really only had barbecue at one particular New York establishment that I thought made passing marks. (Surely there are other places as well! I have to hope so anyway.) But, … Continue reading “Messing with the Barbecue!” The Bible on the History Channel, Part 4


By Roger Erdvig

“Boys will be boys,” the old saying goes. But did you know that boys in Massachusetts’ schools who consider themselves to be girls have the protected right to use the girl’s bathroom, and girls who self-identify as boys enjoy the same right?

Apparently, the truth about reality is not important anymore. How a child identifies his or her gender has become the only reliable way to actually determine gender. God’s design for male and female anatomical and physiological distinctives are beside the point.

In July of last year, New York State approved guidelines that protect transgender individuals from harassment, which is defined, in part, as “repeated, deliberate use of pronouns and names that are inconsistent with a student’s gender identity.” Read that last sentence again. Harassment– which is punishable by law– includes using pronouns that fit a person’s physical reality.

What’s happened, and how did we get…

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By Roger Erdvig

Remember “Bill Nye the Science Guy”?

Bill Nye starred in a series of science videos that have been used to make science fun in homes and classrooms for years. I always had my suspicions about his worldview, but now I know for sure where he’s coming from. Take a look at this video…


(Of course, I just helped Mr. Nye get even more hits on his already-viral video. Oh well.)

My main purpose in sharing this with you is to help you see what’s being said about Creationism by a very prominent and influential person. (Bill Nye was honored as “Humanist of the Year in 2010.” Surprised?)

There are a couple of statements Mr. Nye made in this video which we need to hear very clearly:

“When you have a portion of the population that doesn’t believe in [evolution], it holds everybody back.”

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By Scott Fowler

This, of course, is not a surprise. If you can believe it, the logic Bell uses is the bigger problem. Essentially he is saying, “What we have currently believed in the evangelical church is alienating people so, let’s change what we believe. People will like us more.”

NOTE: The CBN link below includes a link to Bell’s talk at Grace Cathedral in San Francisco.

‘Love Wins’ Author Rob Bell Supports Gay Marriage – US – CBN News – Christian News 24-7 –


Scott Fowler is the founder of the Christ and Culture Initiative. He is a pastor/theologian living in New York. You can learn more about him at:

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The Bible on the History Channel, Part 3

Ok. Here’s my problem: there is simply too much to write about that is wrong with the History Channel’s presentation of The Bible! I can’t do it, I tell you!! But let me summarize some recurring themes and then get to what was the worst about last night's presentation. What have been the recurring themes? … Continue reading The Bible on the History Channel, Part 3


By Scott Fowler

In  a blog entry not yet published called The Sinking Ship of Evangelicalism . . .  , I wrote:

Some are abandoning evangelicalism for political reasons. The fabled evangelical block of power failed conservatives in the last two major elections. Now, with evangelicals being more and more labeled as extremists, I expect to see the Republican party begin moving away from evangelicals and moving to the left—at least far enough to get back in the game.

Today, here is the latest development confirming that prediction:

Ohio Republican Sen. Rob Portman‘s endorsement of same-sex marriage rights on Friday is the latest high-profile example of a sea change within the conservative movement toward gay rights.

A trickle of GOP leaders have begun to back the rights of gay and lesbian couples to marry, and activists at the conservative movement’s signature gathering this week express tolerance for Republicans…

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The Bible on the History Channel, Part 2

I just can't go with everyone on this. Let me ask those who are so strongly supporting this series: Is it really all that engaging? Is it really all that entertaining? It's not its accuracy that is reeling you in. My take of last night's installment (at least as much as I have the interest … Continue reading The Bible on the History Channel, Part 2

What Critics are saying about The Bible on the History Channel

Source URL: 2:05 PM PST 3/3/2013 by Jane Kellogg History's 'The Bible': What The Critics Are Saying The miniseries left THR's [The Hollywood Reporter] TV critic wondering who the intended audience was for this "fractious and overwrought" adaptation of the most well-known and popular book in the history of humanity. Will The Bible be as popular on … Continue reading What Critics are saying about The Bible on the History Channel

The Bible on the History Channel . . . A Review

I have learned from past experience that practically any time channels like The Discovery Channel, the Biography Channel, A & E, and in this case The History Channel, try to take a closer look at the Bible or Jesus, it always comes from the perspective of human reasoning and not a belief in the supernatural, … Continue reading The Bible on the History Channel . . . A Review