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Cheap Journalism

Here’s an approach to news headlines that is far too common. It says: Trump Seems to Call for His Own Impeachment in Bizarre Tweet No he doesn’t. Here’s the tweet Duh! It’s […]

Tone of Voice

Nietzsche Nietzsche wrote, “We often contradict an opinion for no other reason than we do not like the tone in which it is expressed.” Nietzsche, Human, All Too Human: A Book for Free […]

Response to a Comment

Recently, someone named Clark responded to an article I wrote almost four years ago concerning the various ways people who affirm homosexuality have and are attempting to get past the Scriptural admonition […]

Come On People!

Two more states are dumping Columbus People, People, People! We don’t celebrate Columbus because he lived. We celebrate him–or if you can’t stomach that we mark his influence–because he did something! Something […]