What Kamala Harris Meant To Say

This is what our new VP tweeted about abortion:

“On the 48th Anniversary of Roe v. Wade, we recommit ourselves to ensuring that everyone has access to care – including reproductive health care – no matter their income, race, zip code, health insurance status, or immigration status,” Harris wrote in a Twitter post.*

. . . but this is what she meant [my helping words are in bold]

“On the 48th Anniversary of Roe v. Wade, which we celebrate with fervency like it was Christmas or Thanksgiving, we recommit ourselves (like one would to God or to their religion) to ensuring that everyone has access (Who doesn’t applaud the concept of access?) – including reproductive health care (O, how we care about you!) so that when a woman opts to kill her baby, she can be sure that at that vulnerable time, when she is surely emotional, not thinking straight, and likely getting no support from the guy who made her pregnant, that someone will make sure that, when the baby is killed, the woman will not suffer any adverse physical effects (although emotionally and spiritually she will be scarred for life). Want to know how committed we are? We are so committed to making sure that a steady stream of babies can be killed, that we will find a way to do it even if you have no money, no matter your race, zip code, health insurance status. None of these things will keep you from killing your baby. We don’t even care if you are in the country illegally! Harris wrote in a Twitter post.

As usual, Scottythinks just wants to help people word things better! You’re welcome Madame VP!

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  1. What she do without you!

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  2. I mean “what would”. Sorry, I need coffee…..

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  3. Well said. Thanks for this post

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  4. Wow . It’s just awful!! What on earth can we do now? Our recent efforts against this infanticide proved futile with the election results. So how do we stop the killing?? Our prayers were not answered the way we had hoped they would be, and the slaughter continues with the new administrations”thumbs up. “ . I feel just empty inside. So what does Jesus expect us to do about this now?is there any encouragement left for us at all??? “If my people…..” etc . But we DID that !! We did what God asked us to do! So what now?

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  5. It’s just so sad that they rejoice in this horrible atrocity! Praying that desperate moms turn to God for support and answers and that as “the church” we can provide the love, guidance and support they need as well.

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    • It truly is dumbfounding that it can be celebrated! Governor Cuomo lit the Freedom Tower in Manhattan with pink lights when NY extended abortion rights to drastic lengths! I don’t get it.


  6. But we all kNOW it’s awful!!! My question remains, what do we do about it? You said to pray. We have done that. Speak truth. We have done that also . Reiterating how awful this is simply doesn’t seem to be helping. We are telling each other these truths, but we are already Christians . When I speak these truths to unbelievers, they ignore it and chose to believe otherwise. .


  7. I would have to agree with Audrey. Start praying for the moms who are considering abortion in the first place. It may begin with a change of THEIR hearts.

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  8. I don’t believe there is nothing we can do but pray. If only some of them could see where the Bible says “ before you were formed in the womb I knew you”. So sad that they feel this is their only option. With families praying for a baby and not able to conceive it would be a blessing to be able to have one of these babies.

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  9. She and China Joe both are as evil as they come. The bright side is that they are quickly showing us just what a great president Donald Trump really was! And Trump will be re-elected in 2024.

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  10. Excellent job of “reading between the lines”, Pastor Scott! Thank you!

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