Bitcoin ATMS

I am not a financial adviser and this is not financial advise. Do your own research. Better get on board! Not so much because of these Bitcoin ATM machines, but because cryptocurrencies are a reality. Congress is passing laws now—not to investigate the validity of virtual currencies but rather to prohibit illegitimate (illegal) uses of … Continue reading Bitcoin ATMS

The Fourth Crypto Wave is Upon Us!

It seems to me that the first wave of the crypto revolution began in 2009 and continued to break through 2016. In 2009, with the release of Bitcoin as an open-source software, the earliest Bitcoin pioneers saw something no one else saw. Then the second wave took hold in 2017 and into 2018. Many more … Continue reading The Fourth Crypto Wave is Upon Us!

4 Reasons You Should Stop What You Are Doing and Buy Bitcoin Right Now!

Okay. I get it. It's perfectly understandable! The idea of a digital currency with an ominous name like cryptocurrency sounds iffy at best and, perhaps, downright scandalous. But that was then. This is now! Here are 4 reasons you should strongly consider investing in Bitcoin. 1. It's affordableBitcoin (BTC) is presently trading for $8,315.60 on … Continue reading 4 Reasons You Should Stop What You Are Doing and Buy Bitcoin Right Now!

Pay Attention! Wall Street is Embracing Bitcoin! You Better Hurry!

If you have been wondering Bitcoin and cryptocurrency is real you should watch this video! Blockchain technology and cryptocurrency is reshaping global financial paradigm. It is here to stay.

Big Business Will Come to Crypto

Last week in an article, Vision or Panic, I said, 3. We will begin to see some high-powered financial institutions and play makers adopt an "If you can't beat them, join them" approach and figure out an entry into the crypto future before it leaves them behind. Today, Jade Scipioni reports that Jamie Dimon, Chairman … Continue reading Big Business Will Come to Crypto

Vision or Panic? Crypto Update: #8

[This article was posted on Feb 5 this year. However, it is relevant (again) today.] Yes crypto is in crash mode right now.Here's why I am not concerned. 1. I have not invested more than what I am prepared to lose. You shouldn't either. 2. What we are seeing reflects a globe coming to grips … Continue reading Vision or Panic? Crypto Update: #8

Still Talking About Bitcoin

It seems everyone is talking about Bitcoin. Bitcoin is an interesting phenomenon happening at present. Actually, I should say cryptocurrency is the phenomenon—Bitcoin is simply the most relevant specific incidence of the phenomenon occurring at the moment. In fact, there are 1,477 cryptocurrencies (according to the Crypto Pro app ticker), but that number could change … Continue reading Still Talking About Bitcoin