4 Reasons You Should Stop What You Are Doing and Buy Bitcoin Right Now!

Okay. I get it. It’s perfectly understandable! The idea of a digital currency with an ominous name like cryptocurrency sounds iffy at best and, perhaps, downright scandalous. But that was then. This is now!

Here are 4 reasons you should strongly consider investing in Bitcoin.

1. It’s affordable

Bitcoin (BTC) is presently trading for $8,315.60 on Bittrex. It could make its way down to the $7,000 range again but it is becoming increasingly less likely that it will revisit these levels many more times once it takes off again. In fact, predictions for its future price range anywhere from $50,000 to $1,000,000 per Bitcoin!

2. It adds diversity to your portfolio

You probably have a savings account and a 401k, maybe you have some silver or gold. It is wise to diversify. Cryptocurrency has added yet another way to diversify your investments. Just like any other investment, there is risk, and you shouldn’t invest more than you can afford to lose. But there is an abundance of evidence of people making money from it. Big money! The next reason further proves that.

3. There are daily signals from the mainstream financial sector that it is accepting cryptocurrency

It is true that many big name financial institutions have trashed the legitimacy and viability of the cryptocurrency phenomenon. And, yes, governments have been concerned as well. But not so much anymore. Every day there are new reports of businesses, financial institutions, and governments (just Google: governments embracing Cryptocurrency) that have made their peace with crypto and that have now opened their arms to it. Why would they do that? They smell an opportunity!

4. It’s not going away

How many times have you heard people refer to an opportunity they had to get in early with IBM, Microsoft, or Apple? Well, some have already said that about the early days (first wave) of Bitcoin. But now we are in the second wave of crypto opportunity where other cryptocurrencies have breathed new life and a new generation of crypto pioneers have jumped into the crypto space. Now, we are still in the second wave. But it is quickly being overlapped by the third wave of acceptance: that of the mainstream financial institutions. The fourth wave will be the average investor jumping in based on a sense of security they derive from the third wave’s acceptance. The good news is that you still have an opportunity to be the first members of the fourth wave by getting in now!

It’s Easy!

I’m not saying become a day-trader. All you have to do to hold Bitcoin is click on the link above (or below) and open up an account on Coinbase. You don’t have to move it to any other exchange unless you want to trade it for other cryptocurrencies (altcoins).

Don’t Panic!

The nature of the crypto beast is volatility, so it is going to rise and fall—sometimes drastically! It’s important for you to realize that, regardless of the degree to which it decreases in value, you still have the same amount of Bitcoin. It won’t disappear. (Not true for day-traders. Beware!)

So, talk to your spouse if you have one. Do some research if your own. But do it quickly!

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