Cultural Appropriation

The Spring Institute defines cultural appropriation as: another culture entails taking from a marginalized group without permission, and usually with little respect for or knowledge about the culture. The picture above is meant to demonstrate this "offensive" behavior. Here's my question: What is the girl on the right wearing? It certainly isn't traditional native American garb. So, then, whose … Continue reading Cultural Appropriation

Cisgender? (Turn off your brain and watch this video!)

The video below is an example of what happens when a culture decides to answer a question but intentionally refuses to consider the correct answer because it doesn't fit with what it wants the answer to be. Our persistence in rewriting the reality of our own existence extends even to the denial of what we … Continue reading Cisgender? (Turn off your brain and watch this video!)

Beware Drunken ‘Hodlers’!

The guy who accidentally introduced the irritating word 'hodl' into the crypto dictionary was drunk. Some of the sentiments I have read on Twitter and Reddit from some of the 'hodlers' causes me to wonder if they, too, are not drunk. One of the comments I have read from some TRX hodlers goes like this: … Continue reading Beware Drunken ‘Hodlers’!

Big Business Will Come to Crypto

Last week in an article, Vision or Panic, I said, 3. We will begin to see some high-powered financial institutions and play makers adopt an "If you can't beat them, join them" approach and figure out an entry into the crypto future before it leaves them behind. Today, Jade Scipioni reports that Jamie Dimon, Chairman … Continue reading Big Business Will Come to Crypto

Vision or Panic? Crypto Update: #8

[This article was posted on Feb 5 this year. However, it is relevant (again) today.] Yes crypto is in crash mode right now.Here's why I am not concerned. 1. I have not invested more than what I am prepared to lose. You shouldn't either. 2. What we are seeing reflects a globe coming to grips … Continue reading Vision or Panic? Crypto Update: #8

What’s Going to Happen on September 23, 2017?

So, I have had several people ask what I think about the so-called apocalyptic signs that are to be seen in the heavens on September 23. Here is where I stand: FIRST, let's be clear: the claim that Saturday's alignment is "unique" is based on Venus, Mars, and Mercury being lined up in a somewhat … Continue reading What’s Going to Happen on September 23, 2017?

Fighting Fascism with Fascism?

So the word 'antifa' apparently is what we are calling the people who have committed themselves to going around the country and physically resisting all fascist activists and their activities. Now, the definition of fascism (from the Oxford English Dictionary) is the following: "Any form of behaviour perceived as autocratic, intolerant, or oppressive; esp. the … Continue reading Fighting Fascism with Fascism?

Imaginations and Thoughts


Casting down imaginations, and every high thing that exalteth itself against the knowledge of God, and bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ; (2 Corinthians 10:5, KJV)

IMAGINATIONS. High things capable of exalting themselves against the knowledge of God. The authority to cast down thoughts produced in the mind (human or otherwise) that concoct a view of reality in which God is not the God.

THOUGHTS. So rapidly produced, one following the other in lightning procession, so able to slip past our notice; able to carry seeds of rebellion against Christ. So subtle. Thoughts?vehicles that carry; servants that serve. The authority to capture them and force them to carry and serve only that which aligns with the truth of God?s Divine Self-Revelation.

IMAGINATIONS?thoughts carrying seeds of rebellion that got lose and germinated producing a stronghold.

Cast down every imagine or high thing that exalts itself against the…

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The End of Cash and RFID Technology

Here are reputable links concerning those who are calling for the end of cash and who are using RFID (think Chip Implant) technology. The End of Cash Bring On the Cashless Future ( Norway's Biggest Bank Calls for Country to Stop Using Cash (International Business Times) The End of Cash Money? (European Institute) Millennial Money Myths: The Young … Continue reading The End of Cash and RFID Technology