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  1. Took me a while to understand all of that. But yes, I believe that if there is a “wall”, then there is something beyond that wall. Everything, even Nothing, is made of something.


  2. For me, I can never wrap my arms around the fact that God has always existed since everything seems to have been created from something. I just take it on faith. God is not finite since there would need to be a “wall” to hold him in place (then what would be the wall?).

    The universe, at this time, is not finite since science has observed that the universe is still expanding. So, did God create a finite space (within His dominion) that He has allowed to universe to expand in and at some point in time the universe will hit the wall and become finite? Or has God allowed the universe to expand without walls in place and then at some point in time the universe will stop expanding (assuming the laws of science hold true and opposing forces are present to diminish expansion) and become finite within God’s dominion without walls required to hold it in place? So the universe will be self limiting within a defined space determined by God. Of course, this does not address what is the empty space or substance that the universe is allowed to expand in.

    The more I read what I just wrote, the more my head begins to spin. God is the beginning and the end and that’s all I care about.


    • Hi Glenn, I am sorry I did not see this sooner! I hope you are well!

      I have no reference for the idea that for the universe to be infinite would mean that God would either make Hod finite because He would of necessity have to live within it, or it would force us to equate the universe with God, which we cannot do and hold to what we believe about God being the Prime Mover.

      So the universe is finite, though to us we don’t know how to prove that. But if the universe is not only space but matter as well, even dark matter which I think Descartes would agree must be in place or the universe would collapse on itself. Therefore, whatever is holding it in place is where the metaphorical “wall” is to be found.

      If, for some reason, God has designed things in such a way as to want there to be still more between the universe and the utter extreme that meets God Himself, then only He knows.


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