Found A Gem Today In My Garage!

I have a relatively small office where I have one to two thousand of my most important books. Another shelf at home with older, more collectible books. Then, in my garage I have about forty boxes of books that are important to me but didn't make the cut! Today I was throwing some things away, … Continue reading Found A Gem Today In My Garage!

Beware of These Two Character Flaws

In this post I want to discuss two common character flaws, so subtle as to go unnoticed for years if not a lifetime. They are conversational narcissism, and becoming a caricature of yourself. Conversational Narcissism You know what I am talking about. You say something to someone about your situation or how you are feeling, … Continue reading Beware of These Two Character Flaws

A Father’s Letter To His Graduating Son

For the better part of two decades, I have engrossed myself in your life. Much of my effort has been simply to keep you alive and healthy. I have sung songs, and played games, and answered questions, but more than that, I have loved you at depths that even now you are not able to understand and won’t be until you have a child of your own. Though at times I have tried to express and explain that love to you, I realize that, for now, between us, I’ll have to be content with knowing its depths on my own. Part of a parent’s lot I suppose.