Just Purchased Bitcoin

I purchased a percentage of a Bitcoin this morning. I’m cool. I’m trendy. The funny thing is I suddenly feel the need to wear sunglasses, Drive a sports car, and go on vacation!

Bitcoin is an odd phenomenon happening in the world’s economy. Though I have read about it and am starting to pay attention to it, I don’t confess to understand it. I know that it is what is called a cryptocurrency, and that somehow it is “mined” electronically. You can read about it here.

Essentially, you find a website that sells Bitcoin, purchase some percentage of it, and they put it in an electronic wallet where you can let your earnings pile up (or from which you can watch them wither away), or you can use the Bitcoin to make purchases worldwide with worrying about currency exchanges, etc.

At any rate, I am one of the elite now. I can still be found in all the normal places where I am supposed to be. But if suddenly you can’t find me—call me at my home in Aspen.

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