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Christ and Culture

How to Detect Fake News

But when Christians post eighteen-year-old fake stories as though they were published yesterday, we look foolish. To a culture that thinks it thinks, we look like people who don’t.

Come On People!

Two more states are dumping Columbus People, People, People! We don’t celebrate Columbus because he lived. We celebrate him–or if you can’t stomach that we mark his influence–because he did something! Something that changed the world. The foolishness of this… Read More ›

Return to Sender

How many times have we heard about someone going through a tragedy or something severe, only to hear sympathizers declare that they are “Sending prayers to the family.” Of course this is a misguided way of expressing sympathy for someone… Read More ›

Cultural Appropriation

The Spring Institute defines cultural appropriation as: another culture entails taking from a marginalized group without permission, and usually with little respect for or knowledge about the culture. The picture above is meant to demonstrate this “offensive” behavior. Here’s my question: What is the… Read More ›