Defenders of Ariana Grande: You’re Not Thinking Fourth Dimensionally!

One of the most frustrating things I observe happening in America almost non-stop is our inability to balance opposing arguments fairly. No, it has nothing to do with thinking fourth dimensionally, but it does have to do with either our ability or our willingness (maybe both) to think rightly and be fair in our assessments. One current example is the dust-up over Ariana Grande’s dress and Bill Clinton’s eyeballs.

Rest In Peace Aretha Franklin: Just Not Yet!

So, Aretha Franklin passed away and, of course, her funeral featured many famous politicians, music artists, etc. Two of those people were Ariana Grande and Bill Clinton. The kerfuffle happened over the length of Ariana’s dress and the accusation that Bill Clinton—sitting right behind her as she performed—ogled her with his eyes. (You can read about it and find tweets, videos, pictures, etc. here.)

First of all, I have to ask, what were the organizers of this funeral trying to do to Bill Clinton by seating him behind Ariana Grande? Have they never heard about the pitfalls that occur when the fox is allowed to guard the hen house? It’s like asking a drowning man if he would like a glass of water!

Bill and Ariana Ariana's funeral attire

Second, didn’t Ariana put that dress on because she knows how she looks in it? I mean isn’t that the point? Faith Hill and Jennifer Hudson managed to wear appropriate dresses. But then again, explicit sexuality isn’t how they have branded and marketed themselves.


Here are the two thoughts we can’t seem to keep in balance, at least in this situation: 

1—Bill was wrong for ogling Ariana, if that is indeed what he was doing.

Don’t get me wrong—I am aware of Bill’s track record. I still can’t judge his heart or know what he was doing with his eyes. Maybe he was looking past her. However, I saw the video and he does indeed seem to be assessing what is in front of him.

BOTTOM LINE: It’s wrong for men to ogle women, treat them as sex objects, and commit adultery in their hearts.

2—Ariana dresses in a way that she knows entices men.

It’s probably in her contract! She knows she is a sex symbol—she is banking on it, literally. Is there really another reason that a woman wears such an outfit? Some might say, “It makes a woman feel beautiful.” or “Women have the right to wear whatever they want.” Those are not answers to the question.

True or False? Yes! 

Martha MaCallum, the Fox News commentator had this to say:

Martha MacCallum defended Grande’s performance attire. “She didn’t realize she was going to be standing like – it’s like a bad version of American Idol,” she said. “I thought she looked great. It’s not her fault that those guys were leering at her.” 

“It’s not her fault that those guys were leering at her.” Congrats, Martha! Your statement is both true and false.

True. Ariana did not force Bill or any of the other men to ogle her. If those men are going to be men of God who are faithful to their families then they have to allow the Holy Spirit to be the Master of their passions and their actions. There is no other way. Men have the responsibility to be decent godly men regardless of all the naked women around them.

False. Ariana is complicit. Sorry, deal with it! She put on the dress. She knows what it is all about. She has (as they say), “been to the puppet show and she has seen the strings.” She is as guilty as they are. Women do not have the right to walk naked in the streets yet demand that no one look at them! Preposterous! 

Be Fair!

Be a fair arbiter of truth: this article doesn’t put the blame on one person or another. Both are guilty. Incidentally, both are probably fine with their own and the other’s actions! 

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  1. Absolutely right. We are each accountable for our own actions. We all have the right to make choices. That right, like any other, comes with responsibility and consequences.

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  2. It is grieving to see society so blantenly oppose the virtues of God


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