What to Wear to Church

Here are some questions on the topic of what to wear to church and forcing people to behave:

If you force someone to wear certain clothes at church because you say it glorifies God, is it them glorifying God or you?

Is God really glorified when we force people to wear certain clothes to church, or when we demand that our coworkers stop swearing?

If the behavior you demand from people is being coerced, is it really they who are honoring God? Isn’t it really just you dragging them before God and saying, “Look at me, God, I’m forcing these people to conform to your will.

• I made this one stop swearing,

• this one wear nicer clothes on Sunday,

• and this one I’m judging and shaming until he wears a tie and nicer pants to church.

This is what I have chosen to bring before you: better clothes and people acting better.”


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  1. Thanks for always making me think Pastor!
    Always keeping you in my prayers 😊

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  2. My Frank, who has all these nice clothes, including gifts from our kids, for church just wanted to “be comfortable“. Oh my goodness did we have rows about that! And then I remembered my friend whose daughter had a “messy” room. She got tired of fighting with that daughter to clean it and one day just kept the door to her room closed so she wouldn’t see the mess. Today that daughter keeps a beautiful home. I left my hubby alone. Let him wear what he wants. I want him in church with me. Now he’s no longer pressured. I was worried about what people thought of us. No but no longer.

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