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What we can expect with the gay rights issue . . .

Since gay rights have now successfully been elevated to the level of a civil rights issue–along with women’s suffrage and black civil rights, as per our President’s inaugural speech–I think we will see the current celebration roll into a full-fledged press for same-sex marriage across the states (as the article referenced below indicates). I do not know the amount of federal monies that become available for states who have made same-sex marriage legal but I cannot imagine that there aren’t any! And as brother Bill Clinton taught us it is all about the money!

I ALSO THINK that we will see a heightened assault through the legal system against any and all individuals and/or institutions who have not yet affirmed their support of gay rights.

Finally, since it is now a civil rights issue, I think we can expect a Constitutional amendment in the not too distant future.

As for the church, the recent apology from Exodus International served only to further the idea of gay Christianity. The bottom line here for the believing Church? As we continue to stand for the inerrancy of Scripture and an uncompromising belief in what the Bible says, we can expect to find a new seating arrangement with genuine, believing Christians relegated to the margins of society until we can learn to play nice with others, which in America means to affirm that every belief system is valid.

Gay Activists Set Sights on Next States to Target – US – CBN News – Christian News 24-7 –

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Four Qualms with Alan Chambers’ Apology from the Exodus International Platform


If you have not heard about Exodus International and the recent apology by its president, Alan Chambers, you can read his apology here. Just Google it and you will get all the background you need. 

By Scott Fowler

The recent apology by Alan Chambers, President of Exodus International, is quite the hot topic this week. There may be any number of issues we could discuss, but he said four things in his apology that I would like to address in this article.

Item One:

Today it is as if I’ve just woken up to a greater sense of how painful it is to be a sinner in the hands of an angry church.

This is a loaded statement that leads me asking, Which church? In what way is the Bible-believing, evangelical church angry with Exodus International? I can’t say that I am aware of the feedback Exodus International…

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A Father’s Letter to His Daughter upon Her Graduation

To My Sweet Katie,

Though the feeling has swept over me many times already, it has not yet come to stay. That is, the realization that my little girl will soon be leaving me to go and pursue her dreams. Since I am convinced that your dreams have been birthed in you by God, I can only help you pursue them. Many times in the last year I earnestly cried out to God that He would make a way for you to pursue your dreams, which was tantamount to asking Him to make a way for you to leave me. So, I won’t ask you to stay here with me, though I wish you could!

So many times, as you were growing up, I took the time to stop and remind myself that the day would come when I would find myself missing you— the little girl who would sing around the house or make some of the worst noises anyone has ever heard; the teenager who delighted in picking at me just to get a reaction; the girl who at times would be so desperately hungry but completely unable to describe what she was hungry for; the one who, when she was little, imagined a back yard carnival that we simply could not live up to; the one who has been such a friend to me! And now that time has come. Oh, I know you will be back for summers and holidays and special occasions, but a visit home will never be enough for me! But once you have gone out into the wide world I know you will never be content just to watch television with me on a Friday night. But, once you have really experienced the wide world, it will probably be just the medicine you need. I will be right here waiting for you!

Earlier this year, when we were all walking through what seemed to be the loss of your dream to go to college in the way you had planned, I found myself in your room thinking about all those people who, if they only knew you like I did, would clamor to give you all the scholarships you needed. While there, I saw the handwritten notes stuck to the wall arrayed around the mirror in your bedroom; notes you had written to encourage yourself in the Lord, expressing your desires for Him and for His call on your life, and of Scriptures that had become most important to you. That’s when I realized, even more than I had, that your love of God was real and that your commitment to His purpose in your life was sincere and that you deserved to have your dreams come true. The notes weren’t hung there for show. They were just the outflow of your joy and anticipation; the reflection of high hopes and dreams. Just notes written by someone who had caught a glimpse of what is possible in this world and who was not waiting on others to motivate her to reach for those dreams! In that moment I admired you all over again and wanted so much to make all of your dreams come true. I wanted to step in and show people, “See, this is my daughter! She is genuine and deserves a chance to take her place alongside others of her generation as she offers her life and times to God!” Then, God answered our prayers and made a way where there didn’t seem to be one! A way for you to follow Him even more intentionally! A way for you to—leave me! Bittersweet.

My dear Katie, I appreciate your integrity and your passion. I am convinced that you really do love Jesus. And I have confidence in you. And though it may add pressure to you in some way, I admit that I expect great things from you! Not great as defined by a fallen world drunk on its own materialism, but great in terms of other, deeper things. I expect you to live truthfully. I expect you to face your imperfections head-on and allow the grace of God to guide you through the changes that invariably need to be made in all of us. I expect you to be real in your relationships. I expect you to live in the light of eternity. I expect you to call home. A lot!

I do have some regrets. Sometimes I have worried that I did not show you enough affection. Maybe I should have held your hands more. Maybe I should have put my arms around you more. If nothing else, these regrets are a reflection that whatever affection I did show, it was only a small part of what I have always profoundly felt for you! I hope you are at least sure of that.

I am not really ready for this. Not yet. It is encouraging to remember that you are not going to the moon, just college. But I know how things work and I know that Robert Frost was right in The Road Not Taken when he said, “Way leads on to way.” But always remember: the path that leads you away from home can be travelled home again. And even though very soon you will be spending most of your time away from me, it will be the rare hour that passes and does not witness my thoughts and prayers for you.

It’s just that you have been with me practically every moment for all these years! And now, once you take this step, that stage in both of our lives, in the life of our family, will be over and it will never be just like it has been ever again! I know it is a normal, healthy step that must eventually be taken by all of us. I took it. But I can’t let it happen without paying respect to the blessing God has given me in my children—in you!

With all my love,

Your Father

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The path that leads you away from home . . .

All the years come suddenly to this moment and we are proud, we are thankful, we are emotional, we are nostalgic.  And there is the dawning realization that every step you take from this day forward will be pregnant with the possibility that your path could take you further away from us than we are comfortable with.

Many times as you were growing up we had to choose parenthood over friendship in order to give you direction and leadership. Sometimes that choice was hard and left us feeling lonely, but we would do it all over again!

We tried to teach you countless lessons: say you’re sorry when you should; work at staying close to those you love; live everyday as though it were your last; take the time to appreciate the blessings in your life today, especially the people. We taught you that these are the good old days! And we taught you about Jesus. Above all else, remember what we taught you about Jesus!

For now, we are beginning to let you go, though not entirely; never entirely. But always remember: the path that leads you away from home can be travelled home again. And as long as we are alive on this earth we will be here for you, as we always have been. But should you ever look up to find us gone, just know that we are with Him. So, walk in faith and we will all be together again. But for now we are here, and it is time for you to spread your wings and begin to fly. Not too far at first, but, over time, farther and farther, ever so certainly, until you find your place in this world.

Remember how you used to ask us to watch you as you were playing games, performing tricks, singing songs? That’s what little children do. Well, even though you stopped asking, we never stopped watching, and we are watching now: so proud, so excited, full of rejoicing over your life and all that is to come!


By Scott Fowler, adapted from, A Father’s Letter to His Graduating Son

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