The path that leads you away from home . . .

All the years come suddenly to this moment and we are proud, we are thankful, we are emotional, we are nostalgic.  And there is the dawning realization that every step you take from this day forward will be pregnant with the possibility that your path could take you further away from us than we are comfortable with.

Many times as you were growing up we had to choose parenthood over friendship in order to give you direction and leadership. Sometimes that choice was hard and left us feeling lonely, but we would do it all over again!

We tried to teach you countless lessons: say you’re sorry when you should; work at staying close to those you love; live everyday as though it were your last; take the time to appreciate the blessings in your life today, especially the people. We taught you that these are the good old days! And we taught you about Jesus. Above all else, remember what we taught you about Jesus!

For now, we are beginning to let you go, though not entirely; never entirely. But always remember: the path that leads you away from home can be travelled home again. And as long as we are alive on this earth we will be here for you, as we always have been. But should you ever look up to find us gone, just know that we are with Him. So, walk in faith and we will all be together again. But for now we are here, and it is time for you to spread your wings and begin to fly. Not too far at first, but, over time, farther and farther, ever so certainly, until you find your place in this world.

Remember how you used to ask us to watch you as you were playing games, performing tricks, singing songs? That’s what little children do. Well, even though you stopped asking, we never stopped watching, and we are watching now: so proud, so excited, full of rejoicing over your life and all that is to come!


By Scott Fowler, adapted from, A Father’s Letter to His Graduating Son

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