Time For Painful Honesty

This post may be more for my own sanity than for anything else. But I have to get this off my chest.

The very idea that Donald Trump is right now preparing to become the 17th President of the United States due to the the Act of 1871 when presumably the United States became a corporation owned by London . . . .

No, the United States is not secretly under martial law, Joe Biden and the rest are not about to be arrested (unfortunately).

All of our Trump dreams for vindication for the way the left has treated him and the election that was stolen from him are not about to suddenly come true.

If someone prophesies that Donald Trump will be President from 2021-2024 and it doesn’t happen, you don’t just switch the prophecy to fit what actually happens and consider it kosher!

Why do some Christians speak about America as though it is Israel? As though it is more special to God than other nations? I love America, but there are no Scriptural grounds for this.

What is the fixation we have on Donald Trump? I love him for what he did for America and I most certainly voted for him. But unless he turns out to be the antichrist then he is not mentioned in Scripture, he isn’t Cyrus, he isn’t a fulfillment of prophecy.

What is the fixation we have on prophets and prophecies? Where did we get the idea that we should prioritize prophecies over Scripture itself? I believe we should emphasize prophets and prophecies to the degree that the New Testament does.

Have you considered the level of violence that would descend in this country if Donald Trump used the military to stay in office?

Are you aware that God has at times harbored His people in the midst of hostile nations (consider Egypt, Habakkuk, and Daniel)?

Just because we didn’t get our guy in office and we find ourselves in a nation more corrupt than we imagined does not mean God is not faithful. It doesn’t mean the battle is lost.

This is what God told Habakkuk :

“But the Lord is in his holy temple; let all the earth be silent before him (Habakkuk 2:20, NIV).”

God is still on His throne!

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  1. Such a great post. I hope all read it. You said it perfectly .. thanks

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  2. Thank you. Good points and well put.
    Dennis R

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  3. Thank you! Like it or not Joe Biden is our President. This is America. An orderly transition of power. Now pray for him to do good things and pray against him for bad moves. If he does well, we do well. God is still on the throne!

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  4. Well said!! Press in to the One who is on the eternal throne!!
    Blessings on you!!

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  5. Biden is president, even though, I believe dishonestly. It doesn’t matter we need to trust Gods plan… He is ALWAYS in control no matter who is in office. At this point we need to pray for Gods hand on this administration and this nation. I follow Him and as such will trust that what He allows is for the purpose of His glory and not ours.

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  6. I like how they went from “he didn’t say it”, to “he mispoke”.


  7. We have to stick with the facts! As usual you nailed it.
    What I know for absolutely sure is that God has a plan! I don’t know what that is right now, but I have complete faith in Him!
    I know that I’m tired of all the “prophecies and all the conspiracy theories.
    My texts and emails are full of them, some of my friends are upset that I’m not on the bandwagon. I really hate it when someone is upset with me, but so be it!
    I did not vote for Biden and I don’t like his policies or agenda, however I will pray for him and for all of our leaders. That is scriptural.

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  8. Biden is president, albeit I believe dishonestly. It doesn’t matter because we need to trust in Gods plan….He is ALWAYS in control and no matter who is in office. At this point we need to pray earnestly for this administration, nation and world. I follow Him, and as such trust that whatever He allows is ultimately for the purpose of His glory and not man.


  9. Excellent post Pastor.

    I do have one comment of your thought below:

    “Why do some Christians speak about America as though it is Israel? As though it is more special to God than other nations? I love America, but there are no Scriptural grounds for this.”

    Although I do not think of America as though it is Israel and more special, one scripture came to mind:

    Genesis 12:3 New International Version

    3 I will bless those who bless you,
    and whoever curses you I will curse;
    and all peoples on earth
    will be blessed through you.”

    I think America has been blessed by being a friend of Israel over the years (especially over the last 4 years with Trump).

    It remains to be seen how Biden supports Israel (Obama was not a friend) and whether or not the same verse will be a curse on our country.

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    • Hi Glenn, of course that promise is true for all nations so it is not unique to America. My point is that American exceptionalism does not cross over into spiritual realities. I would also say that our friendliness to Israel does not erase or offset what America has done to bring judgment on itself.


      • True Pastor. America has a lot to be judged for. Sometimes it’s hard for me to reconcile a scripture that offers a blessing with the realty of wrath being built up through our nations sins (abortion, porn, etc.).


  10. This is a home run. So needs to be said, all of it.

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  11. I have 2 questions, not sure if this is the right forum, but anyway:
    Where does it say in the Bible we should “decree and declare?” I saw a CBN article from Nov 20 where a certain prophet held a prayer meeting and they did a lot of that.
    And also, does the Bible predict an great end time revival? I want to believe this but all I see are Scriptures talking about a great end time apostasy.


    • I think you can find the general concepts of decreeing and declaring but only those things that God has already declared and decreed.

      As far as an end time revival Scripture envisions a day when the knowledge of the glory of God fills the earth, but that is fulfilled in the millennium. So, I do not know of an end time revival that is not connected with prophetic events


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