Listen to the Only Voice That Matters

Here’s what Satan does: He accuses. Now, we know he is the father of lies and that lying is his native language. But one of the most powerful ways to lie is to sweeten it with truth.

The fact is, Satan is the father of lies. But that doesn’t mean he doesn’t know how to wield the truth and use it against you. Wounding you with the facts about your failures serves his overall goal of disseminating the bigger lie that you are broken and unrepairable, useless and irredeemable, and only worthy of shame.

It is difficult enough to have Satan as an enemy to contend with, but to make matters worse, there are people who come into our lives who amplify Satan’s voice.

It has never been my nature to call someone evil. I don’t believe in doing that. To do so makes it sound like they are irredeemable, which no one is. Even so, there are those so closely aligned with Satan that they become the voice of Satan in your life. Like Satan, they don’t just make false accusations. They know enough about you to remind you of your failures.

Here’s what your human antagonists have forgotten (if they ever knew it in the first place), and that is that, a believer in Jesus is not so because he or she has mastered sinless living. On the contrary, he or she is a follower of Jesus because he or she realized the need for a savior. No one is righteous.

If you only reached out with the gospel or declared truth when you were able to present yourself as perfect, you would never, ever speak. On our best days we are too guilty of sin within ourselves to even get out of bed. But God offers forgiveness. Some people will never forgive you even when all the while they themselves may be steeped in the same sin. But the only voice we can listen to and trust is the voice of Jesus.

Yes, the world will accuse you of sin and yet not feel guilty for doing the same. But not Jesus! He says, “Let him who has no sin cast the first stone.” That always clears the room. Then he simply says to the one accused, “Your accusers are gone, and I am not condemning you, so get up, wash your face, straighten your crown, and go and sin no more.”

Now, a lot of times even Christians won’t be as kind to us as the Savior is, to say nothing of the world. But we must learn to see ourselves as God sees us. It is His pleasure that matters. If Jesus says I am, then I am.

Walk in grace and forgiveness today. Has there been sin? Relent and don’t do it anymore. And only listen to His voice. You are who He says you are.

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  1. My husband and I had a discussion very much like this the other day. Most people remember the “they do not condemn you and neither will I”, making it seem like we can just go on sinning willy-nilly. The subsequent “go now and sin no more” seems to be forgotten, yet it is-I think-the most important part of what Jesus was trying to say. Yes I will forgive you and not condemn you, but for goodness sake KNOCK IT OFF!

  2. Thank you for this post!
    We all need to keep our eyes and ears open, reaading His word, listening to Jesus’ voice…..and more often than not, our tongues in neutral, not overdrive.

  3. I’m so happy to read your thoughts..I spent most of my life as a catholic. My father always said, God is punishing you..I lived in condemnation. When I left the catholic church, I was shunned. Thanks for your daily thoughts

    • You are welcome Marylee!

    • Marylee I too was raised Catholic and even when my mom was dying she claimed I was in a cult because I tried to share the Gospel with her. For many years before coming to the Lord I too felt not worthy. But praise the Lord he changed all that hurt. Even in a Full Gospel church I felt I needed to do everything to proved myself worthy. When I came to SGT my very first class I learned it was not by works but by faith alone we are saved. Keep trusting Jesus.

  4. This is indeed why we need to surround ourselves with other like minded Christians. Thank you for the reminder!

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