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  1. I have been a believer for 45 years and was taught that amillenialism doesn’t take the Bible literally. I recently found that not to be true. Such notables as Martyn Lloyd-Jones, various reformers and Puritans took the Bible as verbal plenary inspiration and did not accept a literal millennium. They felt Daniel spoke of 70 consecutive weeks fulfilled by Jesus first coming and the subsequent destruction of Jerusalem in 70 AD. While I agree we must not break fellowship over this, I think this position deserves mention. I think the ESV study Bible leans this way. Also Age to Age by Keith Mathison. The Momentous Event by Grier and Lloyd-Jones’ lectures on Bible Doctrine consider all the possibilities and opt for the amillenial. Thanks


    • Thanks Dennis, the primary issue with amillenialism as you have described it is that the full accounting of the events surrounding the abomination of desolation have not come to pass. If we look at the time line and description of events given by Jesus in Matthew 24 we see a gathering of the elct and the day of the Lord that are still to come.


  2. Yes, I think there will be some recapitulation and final fulfillment before the end. Meanwhile, I think it is wholesome and wise to anticipate the Blessed Hope and not the Beast.:)


  3. I’m enjoying your Facebook series Pastor Scott. I have a couple questions/thoughts:

    I’ve been thinking about pre-tribulation rapture vs pre-wrath rapture. It seems to me a lot of the opposing arguments revolve around the word “wrath”. 1 Thessalonians 5:9 “For God did not appoint us to suffer wrath…..” The pre-tribulation person can use that verse to state that the believer would not suffer any wrath associated with Daniel’s 70th week (see I didn’t use the work “Tribulation”). The pre-wrath argument would take the word “wrath” to mean God’s wrath. But the verse just says “wrath” No more, no less. Even 1 Thessalonians 1:10 uses the word “wrath” without distinction. How can we be sure it’s wrath from the world or God’s wrath? For me, I don’t concern myself with the actual timing of the rapture as long as its not post-tribulation. Maybe someday you can post your supporting arguments for pre-wrath. I’ve read both arguments presented on GotQuestions.org.

    Second thought. Using the word “Tribulation” seems to be a pet peeve of yours. Sure the word is not in the Bible, but neither is the word “Trinity”. I just think tribulation is an accepted theological term used for discussion and it is also a more recognizable term for those non-believers who know some eschatology but would have a blank stare if you used the phrase “Daniel’s 70th week”.

    Last and most important thought. Why Pastor Scott are you up at 3:57 am answering your blog? I thought I was the only light sleeper.

    One more thought. One of the comments during Tuesday’s Facebook was about your music. I loved your songs over the years. My question to you: Are you writing any songs during this lock down period? I hope so, but no pressure Pastor.

    Have a good night!


    • Hi Glenn, glad to continue our correspondence!

      The reason we can’t simply say that God will keep us from any kind of wrath is that we already observe that he has not done that in history. Martyrdom is certainly not the wrath of God. If you compare Revelation 6 with Revelation 8 there is a qualitative difference between the types of wrath seen. Rev 6 is pre-day if the Lord.

      As for tribulation, I am only advocating that we use Scriptural language. Jesus does refer to a time of great trouble as does Daniel and John the Revelator. But in each case it refers to a specific period in time and event and not in general. Because of this sloppiness many have misinterpreted Scripture.

      As for my sleep I have a very irregular sleep pattern (unfortunately).

      I did post a song this week did you see it? I have not been writing any songs though.


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