I Don’t Deserve Her But I Ain’t Lettin’ Her Go!

I posted this on Facebook earlier today but I thought I would post it here for the few readers I have elsewhere.

My wife Penny and I have been married for 30 years today! I’m excited about that, mostly because we truly are happier today than we have ever been. God has been so good to us!

The fact is, I had to talk her into marrying me. Then there was the little matter of her already being engaged when I found her (rescued her, really). Right or wrong, I was raised to be an “all’s fair in love and war” kind of guy.

We got married five months after our first date—another bend of the rules. But if we had waited any longer she would have wised up (she was already starting to figure things out).

I’m blessed to be married to Penny. When I first met her I couldn’t take my eyes off of her! (Fortunately, at the time she was suffering from an ocular malady that kept her from being able to see what I really looked like.) But it’s not just that she is beautiful. She is also wonderful on the inside.

I’m not saying there weren’t a couple of times when I was wondering where I might bury the body. But, when I tattled on her to the Lord He helped me see that it was usually me that was the problem.

No woman could ever be more faithful and tireless at helping me than Penny. I love it when she laughs (usually at something not remotely funny as far as I am concerned). I hope we get to enjoy some good years just being together and getting old.

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  1. Happy Anniversary! 🎈💌🎉🎊

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  2. A definite Keeper!!

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  3. Thanks Pastor for a candid look at your marriage. Both of you are uniquely gifted to bless the body and as a couple, you have a powerful witness. What a blessing to those of us who also love our spouses and wonder if there are any others like us. Marriage is hard, but worth every struggle to keep it strong. Blessings and love to a wonderful couple! Rudy and I have been married for 29 years so we are right behind you.

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  4. Pastor Scott , Happy Anniversary to you and your bride!. Love your posts & look for them. Some serious,some funny but always profound. I feel blessed that you share thoughts with us. Thank you 🙏🏻

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