What we can expect with the gay rights issue . . .

Since gay rights have now successfully been elevated to the level of a civil rights issue–along with women’s suffrage and black civil rights, as per our President’s inaugural speech–I think we will see the current celebration roll into a full-fledged press for same-sex marriage across the states (as the article referenced below indicates). I do not know the amount of federal monies that become available for states who have made same-sex marriage legal but I cannot imagine that there aren’t any! And as brother Bill Clinton taught us it is all about the money!

I ALSO THINK that we will see a heightened assault through the legal system against any and all individuals and/or institutions who have not yet affirmed their support of gay rights.

Finally, since it is now a civil rights issue, I think we can expect a Constitutional amendment in the not too distant future.

As for the church, the recent apology from Exodus International served only to further the idea of gay Christianity. The bottom line here for the believing Church? As we continue to stand for the inerrancy of Scripture and an uncompromising belief in what the Bible says, we can expect to find a new seating arrangement with genuine, believing Christians relegated to the margins of society until we can learn to play nice with others, which in America means to affirm that every belief system is valid.

Gay Activists Set Sights on Next States to Target – US – CBN News – Christian News 24-7 – CBN.com.

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