A Better Argument Against Abortion: The Consequences of Inaction

Most of the time we take Tylenol for a headache rather than do something to induce one. However, if you’re willing to risk it, you could read this account of law proceedings having to do with whether or not inaction can be seen as an active, violent crime. If nothing else, it shows the validity of what I want to say in this post.

A Better Argument

I have always felt that one of the most effective arguments against abortion is the question of inaction.

Of course, the argument against the action of abortion has been widely made and heard. My favorite among those arguments is “abortion stops a beating heart.” I prefer this approach because it is the closest to the more effective one I want to share here.

The easy comeback to many arguments against abortion is that the action being taken is against tissue and not something that is an actual life. Of course, this comeback is ludicrous and flimsy, but it seems to work for those who want to clear their conscience. But here is the question that I never hear asked: What will happen to an unborn fetus if we do nothing?

As long as we can push responsibility away by redefining our actions we can successfully run from them.

But there is no getting around the reality that, left unimpeded, a viable fetus inside the womb will become a living, breathing human being–regardless of one’s definition of when life begins.


The point is that, even the person who believes that an unborn fetus is not a valid life to be considered, that person cannot get away from the truth that IT WILL BE! Left alone, it will be!

If an arsonist is in the process of setting someone’s house on fire, and I see it but don’t say anything, does my inaction equal a crime?

If the arsonist is setting fire to an edifice that is under construction will a court of law except my argument that I didn’t consider it to be an actual building so I didn’t say anything?

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  1. Nice article! Here’s something that I’ve decided. I’m now identifying as pro choice! Yup I’m pro- choice. The only thing is I also believe in equality so my definition is that everyone gets to be pro choice, even the Baby in the womb. They have a right to their body too! So long as the baby in the womb does not want to be aborted then they must continue to live in the womb as you would say unimpeded!

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  2. Amen, thank you Pastor Scott!

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  3. Maybe, it will be a puppy or a squirrel! The truth is that every person that has walked the face of the Earth was once that clump of cells. I liked how you phrased it.


  4. Awesome article, Pastor Scott! You made some great points!

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