When You Think You’ve Heard it All…The Beyoncé Mass?

The Beyoncé Mass—and the humanistic, self-seeking logic behind it—is an example of what happens when the seeds of self finally come to full bloom.

The “priest” in the video declared Beyoncé to be a better theologian than most of the theologians and pastors in our churches today. Who knew?

The purpose of the Church and the gospel is not human empowerment. The Great Commission is not to go and preach a liberation theology that concerns itself with color and gender and gay equality, et al.

The true Church is the body of Christ and brings glory to Him. It preaches Jesus Christ and Him crucified. It preaches that we are crucified with Christ and no longer live. It preaches humility and submission and contentment in the midst of trials. In short it is about Jesus and not about us!

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