Why I Don’t Like Captain America

It’s time I got something off of my chest: I don’t like Captain America. I don’t. [If you don’t know who Captain America is, stop reading, go to your room and rethink your life.] Here’s my problem with the Cap.

First, who decided that he was the leader of the Avengers?

Is it because he is technically older? Is he supposed to be morally superior in some way? More pure? Based on what?

Two, he’s kind of corny.

When he faces Loki for the first time all he could say was that he and Hitler “ended up disagreeing.” Where’s the passion Cap?

Three, his integrity and fairness fly out the window when his friend needs help.

IronMan has the right to be angry at the man who murdered his parents but here Captain America displays his arrogance and willingness to bend the rules for personal reasons. Not cool.

Not only that, but when IronMan sees the video of Bucky killing his parents, he asks Cap, “Did you know?” And the first answer out of his mouth is, “I didn’t know it was him.” Pressed for the truth, he admits, “Yes.” There’s our leader.

Finally, you don’t plant your shield in IronMan’s

Enough said.

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