Church Leaders: Get Discernment (and a Backbone)!

I am so sick of Christian compromise because of the gay agenda! It is filtering into places you would never imagine. I won’t teach it! I won’t preach it! I won’t leave it alone where I find it!

Sticks and Stones

It isn’t homophobic, or racist, or antiquated to declare the Word of God. If you believe the Bible is outdated and irrelevant then you don’t truly believe in the Bible. Therefore, I don’t want to hear your “Christian” insights. Don’t tell me you have a high view of Scripture and yet find a way to ignore it, rewrite it, or reinterpret it.

True Love Tells the Truth

The Church’s job is to

  • speak the truth in love,
  • walk authentically with those who struggle, and
  • pray them into victory.

And as far as healing the divide between the Church and the so-called “gay Christian” community? That divide is there to protect the Church from anyone who names the Name of Jesus while preaching and teaching heresy and I won’t apologize for it.

Think for Yourself

Be careful, Christian, that you don’t get taken over by the logic that is used in our culture today. It isn’t hate when you stand for truth. Take some spiritual Tums for that weak stomach and find out how to love and tell the truth at the same time! That’s what our world needs!

Go Figure!

One time, a woman sent me a link to an article through Messenger. The article was outlandish and obviously untrue. I researched it for myself and then told her that it was fake news. Here was her response:

Oh brother now we have to investigate what is true and what is false, go figure.

Yes. Go figure.

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  1. Wow. You hit hard when you want to hit. R

    Rich Collingridge, JAARS 7901 Deer Lane Waxhaw, NC 28173 Email:



  2. It’s a clash of two world views. If I start with the Christian perspective that the Bible is the inspired and authoritative Word of God, I must be willing to live by the commands set forth in scripture. But in a world of sound bites and superficial understanding of what the Biblical teaching says; it is inevitable that we would be driven about by every wind of doctrine that the current culture blows at us. To follow Christ will always be counter cultural and against the grain; rubbing people the wrong way and stroking the cat backwards. “The foundation of God stands sure, having this seal, the Lord knows those who are His”.(2Tim2:19) Speaking the truth in love may not be popular, but there are those who are hearing it (that we might not be aware of), who will embrace that truth and turn to the Lord. And for that reason we speak.


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