So Many Rumors!

If you are conservative and on social media, chances are you have gotten messages and forwards and seen posts claiming that President Trump is about to declare martial law and trigger multiple, high-level arrests.

I even got a forward today that claimed President Trump is going to do these things, but be sworn in as the 19th President because since 1871 this nation has actually been a corporation owned by London. Hats off for creativity I guess.

Are there people who should be arrested? I’m sure of it. Does Donald J. Trump have the moxie to declare martial law? I’m sure if that too. It’s not gonna happen.

I’m not saying such things aren’t possible in the world of ideas. But consider the sources. These posts are copied and pasted, doctored to show them coming from various authorities, and show about as much finesse as a Nigerian PayPal email scam. I’m like, “Guys, if you’re gonna pretend to be PayPal, at least get the grammar and the spelling correct.”

Now, do I believe that there will be violence and rioting on Inauguration Day? I’d be surprised if there weren’t. I don’t think it will come from your average Trumper, though some radical Trump supporters may act out. But I rather think it will come from those like BLM and Antifa who want to give the left more examples of bad behavior to be attributed to Trump and his supporters.

So, while I expect violence and outrage on Inauguration Day—both genuine and pretend—I wouldn’t look for all of these rumors to come to pass.

All things being equal, if things don’t change, I expect civil war is going to come. You can’t:

  • violate the Constitution,
  • blacklist those who disagree with you,
  • burn down cities dictating how people are supposed to think based on mock offense

and think that good people won’t eventually rise up and say, “No!”

We are in for a long haul and I do not know whether our Republic will be saved.

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  1. Very sad what they are doing to this country. I didn’t alway like what Trump said but he loved this country and did everything he could to help it grow. Those fighting him must have a lot to hide if they are so afraid of him. I pray God brings everything into the light. I believe if this new administration opens doors again to China we are in big trouble.

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  2. I agree just a matter of time if the left keeps pushing this agenda

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  3. What do you think of him refusing to attend the inauguration of Biden?

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