A Vaccination Barcode for Your Phone. Hmmm

Andrew Yang, potential NYC mayoral candidate, asks if we can’t come up with some kind of a barcode for our phones to show we have been vaccinated. Forgetting that he is behind the count in this conversation, his statement set up the most important question: How long before someone asks, “Can’t we come up with some way to prove we have been vaccinated even if we lose our phones, have no paperwork, and are even unconscious?” And the answer is “Yes! You could have a chip implanted or even cat a digital tattoo.” Then we are off to the races

The logic here and the obvious evolution in logic that is coming in this area is important.

No one wants to say out loud that a permanent chip or digital tattoo is the most convenient and efficient way to track vaccination, but they will.

Want more proof that things are headed this direction? Here you go!

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  1. I wonder if some day when babies are born they will be assigned a number. This number will follow them around their entire life and those who don’t have the number will not be granted the same liberties as those who do. When they are elderly, this number will be used to provide them socialized medicine and money from the government. Scary!

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