Here’s What We Could Accept (and What We Never Will)

I realize that Joe Biden is going to be the next President of the United States. As an adult I remember conservatives enduring Clinton and Obama for two terms each. Now comes Biden. We can endure another liberal season if we have to. But only if the following things take place:

Stop attacking Donald Trump. Enough is enough. Stop.

Discipline big tech and main stream media. Condemn their censorship.

Cut off the socialist wing of the Democrat party and get rid of AOC and the Squad. If this is Biden’s plan for America then that’s a deal breaker.

Renounce the BLM/ANTIFA insurrection of last summer that continues on.

Rediscover statesmanship. It is disgusting the way politics on the Hill have become nothing short of the Jerry Springer show.

Get back to law and order.

BUT . . .

Keep attacking a President that 74 million vocal people love and whom another 75 million silent people support, and you will only alienate, destroy, and ruin the land of George Washington and Abraham Lincoln. You will waste the blood of every soldier who died in American foreign wars and the blood of every 9/11 victim.

Here’s what gives me some comfort . . .

These people who have stolen their way into power are now going to be able to operate unhindered and unfettered. Their failed ideologies and programs, their questionable character, and their wrong values are the very things that will guide them into scandal after scandal, dissension among themselves, and, unless they seize control of the military and turn this into a dictatorship outright, then we can expect one of the biggest political backlashes the world has ever seen. Even liberals will turn against them.

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  1. God is on the throne and in control. Keep praying for our country, our president and our military!

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  2. Thank you for your insight

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  3. I hope you’re right Pastor Scott regarding the potential scandals and problems their plan will bring. There is one thing that could prevent that, for the most part they have a big portion of the media in their pockets.
    Perhaps if it’s all liberals and there are no conservatives for the media to pick on, then for the sake of ratings they will expose the issues!

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    • That’s kind of what I was thinking Mark. Even most liberals can appreciate freedom of speech. The left has been captured by the far, far left.

      The scandals and breakdown will come because their values are wrong and ungodly. Whether people will wake up in time to stop it will be the clincher.


  4. Pastor, I agree with everything you say but unless the way we vote is changed it’s going be the same thing next time. It was an easy way to cheat with mail in ballots. That has to change! I’m trying to see how that could even be possible with the Democrats in charge of the White House Congress and the Senate.

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  5. Maybe this is the only way to expose them for who they really are. If they control everything, then they and only they are to blame for what happens. I pray that it opens the eyes of many and then hopefully true change can take place.

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  6. Here’s what gives me comfort. A 5-4 Supreme Court (I don’t count John Roberts as a reliable conservative vote). Hopefully this may stop some of the Biden agenda against our religious freedoms. Republican gains in the House despite the election corruption. Holding the senate close since many polls had the republicans losing many seats. I think the liberals will over step their power and the republicans will win the house in 2022. Here’s what scares me. A lot of damage can happen in 2 years and the only thing that can limit that damage is a moderate Democrat Manchin that is on record for being against removing the filibuster and stacking the Supreme Court. In general I still believe God loves this country and I have some hope. The country will most likely fall at some point because my study of bible prophecy shows that America is not a main player in end time events. The country may fall from violence or maybe hyperinflation from all the money we are spending. Even if the country falls my hope is that God will bless America during those hard times maybe through a country wide awakening/revival. God knows what He’s doing. We just need to stay by His side and be available for what He requires us do do.


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