I’m Sorry Mr. President!

Dear Mr. President,

I’m sorry for what you were put through during your presidency and for what they continue to do to you and your family. Your time in office happened to coincide with a time in American history when truth, integrity, and statesmanship are so cheaply valued—not just by the left but by some on the right!

Sir, respectfully, your brash personality created problems for you from the start. But from the very beginning, it was clear that only someone as brash and headstrong as Donald J. Trump would be able to offset the cultic worship-fest that began to flower by the time Obama gave his second inaugural address.

No sir, you began to smash liberal ideology in the mouth from as far back as the debates and you never let up! You put a voice to sentiments that conservative Americans were told they couldn’t say.

I am proud to have voted for you two times. Given the opportunity I will vote for you again.

Thank you Mr. President for being the hardest working President this nation has ever seen!

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  1. Really like your last blog. Do you mind if I share it?

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  2. Scott,

    Your writing is and has always been articulate, concise and with merit. I find myself saying “he’s right on target”! Thank you and may I also share?

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  3. Thank you for writing and I hope our President (Donald Trump) will read this

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  4. Thank you for writing this. I too am sorry but lesson learned – a non politician will not be successful in our political arena ☹

    Trudy Amatulli
    31 Birchwood Road
    Coram, New York 11727
    516-361-4256 cell
    631-846-7911 land line

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  5. I agree, he certainly worked harder than any previous president and with the goal of creating a better economy so that anyone willing to work can thrive. He challenged the waste and spending of our government that only pushes out money to make it seem as if they’re doing something. (Lining pockets). I too would vote for him again.

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  6. Thank you for stating what clearly is the sentiments of half our nation. I hope President Trump knows that that we realize the corruption that resulted in Biden win. We saw it very early in this coup. The democrats/ socialists were aided & abetted by mainstream media, Hollywood & ,of course, the Chinese virus .
    Today as we speak , censorship by big tech is in full blast. Platforms are being crushed, America seems to be imploding.
    May Father Son & Holy Spirit guide ,protect & comfort us. Teach us through this present danger

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  7. I voted for Trump twice for many of the reasons you just stated. But over time his mouth became very frustrating to me. Consider his handling of COVID. I give him a B- grade. He needed to be an A to win the country over. Putting aside the election corruption, Trump needed to lead by example (wear a mask), address the nation, and not make fun of people wearing masks. Optics are everything. People were hurting and needed to be lead. Trump blew this and I think it hurt him in the election. So frustrating. I’ve seen him be quite charming during the State of the Union. I wanted to see more of that during the election along with some brashness where needed. It’s a shame how things ended. I agree with his fight to challenge the election, but only to a point. Again his mouth went too far. So frustrating. In summary, I considered Trump a “useful idiot”. Not beloved as a Ronald Reagan. For 4 years I could relax that my freedom of religion was protected and 3 great justices. I can list much more since i think he did a great job, but it was a frustrating ride. He could have been great if only he controlled his mouth a little more. I would vote for him again, but my sights are on Nikki Haley in 2024.

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    • I’m afraid I can’t agree Glenn. I certainly don’t consider him to be a useful idiot. His mouth, yes. But I think we have to look beyond personality. I don’t think he was hurt at all in the election. I believe he won. He certainly increased his votes from 2016.


      • Useful idiot may be a harsh term, but he could have been much better and there have been too many times where I was put in the position of defending Trump when his rhetoric was totally harsh and inappropriate. My point was that he could have made some adjustments that would have overcome the obvious cheating that occurred.

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  8. Optics are a manipulation of truth. Believe in nothing you hear and 1/2 of what you see.
    Optics..,, are you serious?
    Media and others have been using optics for decades
    President Trump a “ useful idiot “, really?!
    He stated the facts without “polish”
    I fear lots of Americans can’t take the truth when it hits them in the face……

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    • When the truth is not known optics is the only thing people have to go on. I can’t tell you how many times I had to explain to people all the great things Trump was doing to fight the pandemic. They were not getting the truth from cnn, msnbc, New York Times, etc. The only thing they knew were the optics of Trump not wearing a mask. They thought he was sitting around and letting people die. Yes, useful idiot is a harsh term. I voted for him twice and maybe someday again, but I didn’t love him. He served my needs as a citizen and a Christian.


  9. Glenn
    Optics are the lazy way out. No one knew what to do when China virus began. How could we?
    Science and current experience left everyone in the dark. Who could have known how to go forward? President Trump was as gobsmacked as all of us were.
    I don’t “ rely” on any elected officials.
    Just my opinion

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    • It’s not a lazy way out when the media is suppressing the truth. It’s the only thing left. You knew the truth of all that Trump was accomplishing to fight the pandemic and you looked beyond the optics of cnn+ showing a maskless Trump and claiming he is doing nothing. Some people are not diligent enough to dig for the truth. Lol, I think I just made your point. Some people take the lazy way out. Have a good night Kathleen!

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