Time To Walk Away!

In George Orwell’s Animal Farm, Napoleon, leader of the pigs, has several dogs—nine to be exact—trained from puppies to be his attack dogs.

Napoleon is a fictional character and the main antagonist of George Orwell’s 1945 novel Animal Farm. He is described as “a large, rather fierce-looking Berkshire boar” who is “not much of a talker” and has “a reputation for getting his own way”. While he is at first a common farm pig, he exiles Snowball, another pig, who is his rival for power, and then takes advantage of the animals’ uprising against their masters to eventually become the tyrannical “President” of Animal Farm, which he turns into a dictatorship. Napoleon’s greatest crime, however, is his complete transformation into Mr. Jones, although Napoleon is a much more harsh and stern master than Mr. Jones is made out to be. +

American Dogs

Here in America we are experiencing the worst violation of free speech in the history of the United States. Google, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube are doing the work of Napoleon’s dogs. Our nation is being hijacked by a strange combination of bad actors from the left and the right.

Napoleon has other dogs too: Black Lives Matter, Antifa. Joe Biden even tweeted the preposterous idea that BLM has been treated harshly for its “protests.”

Is he delusional, ignorant, or a deceiver? Another of Napoleon’s dogs!

It won’t do to rehearse the disgraceful censorship and manipulation carried on by Napoleon’s other dogs! You know them as NBC, CBS, ABC, NPR, MSNBC, FOX, the New York Times, even the New York Post as it turns out! Dogs all!

Is Lindsey Graham one of the dog’s? McConnell? Whether due to roguery, naïveté, or just plain laziness—too lazy to engage in the fight—the trust of Conservatives have been betrayed.

Walk Away!

It will be difficult but we have to find some way to vote with our feet and our dollars and walk away. Money is one of the gods of the left. Our nation is literally in the balance.


It can’t happen all at once, but we need to find vendors and businesses that have the right values. We need to switch away from the dogs listed above.

The dogs known as Google and Apple have removed the Parler app. That says it all! Check out this chart to help you make the switch. Share it with your friends:

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