Most Muslims Are Peaceful?

I am so tired of hearing diplomatic journalists and politicians declare that most Muslims are peaceful. That’s what they say in order to appear fair-minded and avoid the tolerance police. When was the last time you heard any Muslim speak out passionately against radical Islam? image

Of course you can find peaceful Muslims. When you are in the minority being peaceful is wise. What happens when the balance changes? What happens when the balance changes in America? If somehow ISIS was able to take control of America, what would the average American Muslim do? Where would they stand?

Modern American bleeding heart acceptance of everything and everybody (Christianity and Christians excluded) is creating a Trojan Horse that someday will open and reveal that the enemy is all around us!

How safe is any person who works with an “evangelistic” Muslim? Is there a guarentee that they will not lose their heads?

I have never seen times like these!

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  1. I’ve never met a practicing Muslim. Any Muslim I have met are like many Christians or Jews I’ve met who observe only the holiest of days because of family/culture/tradition. However, it does amaze me that there is no Muslim organization with a strong voice front and center in the media speaking up against the atrocities that are occurring.

    I just saw on AOL this morning interviews of Harvard students on the question of who is a larger threat to world peace : ISIS or the United States. I’m sure you can guess their answers. Quite disappointing that the “intellect” of the next generation has such an “unintellectual” and biased view of the realities of what makes the world work. We are far from a perfect nation but we are not the cause of the world view that promotes beheading and genocide. Here is the site with those interviews so that you can see for yourself.|maing9|dl36|sec1_lnk3%26pLid%3D542747


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