Post-Truth America

As a pastor, I agree with my friend Mark Conley who wrote,

“Rewriting scripture is done at great peril. Unfortunately much of this is being done under the guise of pastoral leadership. He weeps!”

Many pastors, leaders, authors, scholars find a way to twist Scripture and lead their followers astray. The flip-side of this is that many Christians in post-truth America, don’t submit to good leadership but rather forge a trail that seems right to them.

We are living in a time when the diseased seeds of subjective enlightenment philosophy have flowered and are being harvested. The result? A nation of people who are honing the skill of writing their own Bibles, their own Constitutions, their own moralities, their own sexualities, their own genders. Pastors have failed to keep this disease out of the Church and many parishioners have failed to follow those who have tried to.

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