What Makes You Want to Watch a Movie Over and Over?

Why do we watch some movies over and over again and never get tired of them?

I’ve wondered about this for years. I haven’t consulted other studies but I have arrived at some conclusions.

Here are some things I have identified for myself:

  • When the antagonist gets what’s coming to him or her
  • When there is a gradually budding romantic and emotional relationship
  • When I find myself in one of the characters or more particularly when I am facing something similar
  • When the music is exceptional
  • When one of the actors or actresses exhibits an intriguing acting ability such as amazing depth in the eyes or facial expressions,
  • When it is genuinely funny
  • When it deals with intriguing concepts such as time travel, space,
  • A compelling heroic figure that displays character, power, and morality

I’m still thinking about it. What makes you want to watch a movie over and over? Comment below!

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  1. Something that touches my heart like “The Notebook” or something incredibly funny like “ My Cousin Vinny”.


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