TRX: Still in the Trend

Every time there is a bit of an uptick in price of the TRX coin there are references to Lambos, moonshots, and cries of “This is it, boys!”

There are also others who panic and jump in the market to try and catch at least part of the rise, and still others lamenting that they just sold and aren’t even holding TRX when the uptick comes.

Here’s comfort (for now):

This is a picture of yesterday’s TRX uptick. Not that big spike just to the left of the middle, but all the way to the right. See it? It’s hard to see because, in the scheme of things, it fits right into the downward trend that started weeks ago. I do suspect that, one of these days, the trend will be reversed and it will no longer conform to the trend shown above. But for now, TRX is not doing anything unpredictable.

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