Crypto Therapy Posts Only Invite Crypto Therapy Responses

Am I the only one who is getting tired of therapy posts asking how high any particular altcoin might go in price?

Now I am definitely not a professional trader nor am I ANY kind of expert, but the therapy post reveals a level amateurishness that is becoming embarrassing.

-If you invested money you could not afford to lose, I can understand the desperation.

-If it’s just excitement and curiosity, that’s ok, but no one can tell you what’s possible.

In either case, consoling yourself with someone else’s unqualified opinion doesn’t offer actionable advise and does not demonstrate a clear-headed approach to crypto investing. The therapy post only invites a therapy answer.

So, I suggest embracing the following:

1. Accept that the crypto story, certainly the TRX story, will unfold in the next ten (10) years.

2. Take this opportunity to become a savvy investor and trader. Learn about market indicators. Spend time watching the market ticker and observe how your coin is moving. Beware: Your coin will demonstrate various fluctuation patterns and you can never predict when the present pattern will be interrupted.

3. Find your answers through researching the facts.

4. Learn how to distinguish between a qualified opinion and just another pump and dump fan post.

5. Devise a plan and an approach that will yield what you are looking for rather than looking for legendary Bitcoin lightning to strike.

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