No Place for Tim Tebow in the NFL? Really

Heisman Trophy Winner , before he is about to ...

Heisman Trophy Winner , before he is about to be honored at halftime during the (Dec 23rd 07) Jaguars/Oakland game. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So, this is just a simple, oversimplified, outsider’s view of the Tim Tebow football situation. (Outsider not because I am uninterested in the NFL. I just don’t have time to let it become a major focus of my life.) I will put it in the form of a question: How is it that a guy who can win the Heisman trophy can’t find a place in the NFL doing something? Does this reflect that the NFL is less of a place where someone can grow and more of a place where everyone must be ready for the show on the day they arrive? Perhaps the competition has gotten so great that everyone else at their quarterback positions (first and second string) are just simply so good that they cannot be challenged? (Is that what was going on with the Jets last season?)

Maybe the problem is that Tebow is too narrowly focused on being a quarterback. Maybe someone close to him should ask him, “Which is the more important dream for you? Playing quarterback or increasing your influence to the personnel and fans of the NFL?” Is it possible that Tebow’s radical Christian faith has hindered any fair assessment of his skills? I’m not saying he should be a starting quarterback somewhere. There’s obviously some evidence that he is a diamond in the rough there. But surely he could be shaped and mentored! Is there any room for that?

Feel free to share your thoughts if you have any . . .

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