What’s Going to Happen on September 23, 2017?

So, I have had several people ask what I think about the so-called apocalyptic signs that are to be seen in the heavens on September 23. Here is where I stand:

FIRST, let’s be clear: the claim that Saturday’s alignment is “unique” is based on Venus, Mars, and Mercury being lined up in a somewhat evenly-spaced alignment with Regulus making it look like Leo has 12 stars instead of 9. The claim is that this has never happened before, which is not the case.

Let me explain: There are various software programs that allow you to rewind or fast forward the movement of the stars and planets, etc as far back in time as you can imagine and forward in time as well. This reveals a universe that works precisely. I used one of these software programs myself a few years ago studying the very formation in question for this Saturday.

Here’s the thing, unless there are grounds for saying that Mercury, Venus and Mars must be lined up in a straight line, then the claim that this formation has never happened before with “twelve stars” crowning the virgin is simply not true. It happened in September 1827, 1483, 1293, and 1056.

SECOND, most of the Christians expecting the end on Saturday are believers in a pre-trib Rapture. However, for this to be a fulfillment of Rev. 12 would be a denial of how pre-tribbers interpret Revelation. In fact, for pre-tribbers, the Rapture takes place all the way back in Revelation 4.

THIRD, combining Revelation 12 with the expectation that some have that the Rapture must take place at the Feast of Trumpets is another huge assumption coupled with a selective use of Rev. 12.

Do I believe in the Rapture? Yes! Do I believe we are living in the end times? Yes! Could God use this weekend’s events in the heavens to do something amazing? Of course. But this weekend’s heavenly configurations are not a first time ever event.

LAST POINT: My issue in all of this, along with my recent posts about hurricanes, etc., is that too many Christians are trafficking in lazy, lazy Scripture twisting usually inconsistent with even their own beliefs! When will Christians ever learn to stop saying more than Scripture itself says?


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  1. Amen Pastor Scott, especially your last sentence!


  2. Thank you and Amen. Regardless, our focus should be on sharing the Gospel in a truthful, loving, gentle and respectful way during what time we have remaining. 1Peter.


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