Fighting Fascism with Fascism?

So the word ‘antifa’ apparently is what we are calling the people who have committed themselves to going IMG_0921around the country and physically resisting all fascist activists and their activities. Now, the definition of fascism (from the Oxford English Dictionary) is the following:

“Any form of behaviour perceived as autocratic, intolerant, or oppressive; esp. the advocacy of a particular viewpoint or practice in a manner that seeks to enforce conformity.”

So, this group, not being able to tolerate intolerance, is going around and stopping all of the words, actions, etc. of those that it deems fascist, which is, to this group, simply intolerable.

Bottom line: You can’t fight fascism with fascism. You fight it by defending free speech. Not free violence, not free rioting, but free speech. The same machine you use to censor a group with the wrong ideas is the same machine that will be used to censor the group that should be heard. Free speech guarantees that the American public gets to hear all sides and therefore the opportunity to decide for itself what it believes. The problem is that some have decided that people are not capable of doing that so they are deciding for them. Now that’s fasicsm.


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