Releasing Others to God

A few years back I had a person in my life, a genuine Christian, who was personally frustrating to me. From my perspective he was arrogant, obnoxious, and controlling. Of course, his own indefatigable self-confidence would never allow for him to make that discovery about himself. What do you do with someone like that?

I’m not writing about him in order to vent about him. On the contrary, I loved this friend and still do. But I had to arrive at a place where I could love him and yet not be exasperated by him. So, I released him to God. Here’s what I mean by that.

Releasing a Christian brother or sister to God is praying God’s best for him or her—or His correction or anything else God wants to do for them—and then trusting God to deal with them as He sees fit, and then accepting God’s decision.

Let’s be clear—I’m not talking about blatant sin in someone’s life. But, if a person is a genuine brother or sister in Christ, then I have to assume that God will deal with them when and how He sees fit. I can pray for them—even struggle with them—but in the end, rather than be bitter, angry, judgmental, or closed off from them, I just say, “Lord, they belong to you. I release them to be and do and become as You see fit.” I allow them to be God’s responsibility and not mine.

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