A Short Essay by Katie Fowler (My Daughter) Upon Receiving an Award

My name is Katie Fowler and I have been chosen to receive the Sharon Stack Award from Smithtown Christian School. I am honored to receive this award and humbly accept.

As I thought over the questions—How has Christian education influenced your life? What are your life plans? How has the Lord influenced these decisions in your life? —they have reminded me of all that the Lord has done for me and how he has given me purpose and inspired my life. He is the only reason that I am able to receive this award.

Years ago I took an interest in psychology out of a love for talking to and advising people. As the years have gone by, it has remained an interest of mine but now has become focused on Christian counseling rather than a career in secular psychology. I made this decision after sitting in on a college psychology class, realizing that I would never be able to sit back and watch someone struggling while keeping their solution to myself, which of course, is Jesus.

I’ve known since ninth grade that my job as a Christian is to tell the world about Jesus. I had planned only on doing a few mission trips, and then staying and being a missionary to America. After going to Nicaragua with Undignified (my first time on a foreign missions trip), I fell in love with the people there. I didn’t think anything of it; I just wanted to continue in short term trips. A couple of months after that trip, SGT’s missions week started. I was sitting in chapel when a speaker came and spoke to us about missions and the 10/40 window and about saving this world. The whole time he was speaking, something in me was bursting with excitement and I found myself pleading with the Lord to send me. I begged Him to use me, to let me go out and tell the nations about Him, no matter what it took. After he was done speaking, he asked everyone who felt a call to missions to stand up. I had no idea if it was even valid, but I stood up because I just could not stay in my seat.  My heart was set loose that day—I knew that I had to be a missionary.

This year, my call into ministry and specifically missions was confirmed once again. God gave me an increased passion for the poor, the widows, the orphans, and the abused. He reassured me that He has called me into missions—through my trip to Managua this year, through church messages, and by revealing it to me personally.

 I do not know the details, but I do know that the Lord has called me to go out and serve him with everything that I have to offer, and that is what I am going to do. I trust that God will open the right doors and provide opportunities that will place me on the right path.

Christian education has influenced my life beyond what words can express. The Lord used SCS to open my mind, broaden my world view, strengthen my academic skills in an environment that would also kindle my faith, and to direct my desires and path. In this Christian environment, my knowledge of Christ has deepened, intensified, and become personalized.  I know without a doubt that, without the Christian education I have received, my faith would not be as strong as it is and my life would be on a very different path. My experience here at SCS has immersed me in missions and allowed God countless opportunities to speak to me through the things that were offered to me here at SCS.

From sports to missions to academics, God has inspired my life; he has equipped me with a Christian education. The Divine purpose, for which my life has been given, keeps me going, keeps me reaching, and keeps me inspired. He is my purpose, my plan, my every breath, and I will wait for him to continue guiding my every step.


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