Answers on the Left, Waiting on the Right

"Praying Hands" (study for an Apostl...

“Praying Hands” (study for an Apostle figure of the “Heller” altar) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Something encouraging occurred to me some time ago concerning prayer.

There were two or three things I was intensely praying about, needing an answer. I watched as the Lord supplied all but one of those needs. Because the need that went “unmet” was so intense, it got nearly all of my focus and I began to struggle with why God had not answered. That led to questions. Guilt. The sense that I had perhaps done something wrong. I wasn’t focusing on what God had done, but what He had not done. Then an encouraging word occurred to my heart: How can I imagine that God is distant from me when I consider the unmet need, but near to me because of the prayers He did answer? God is not divided. He is not loving and kind on my left as He answers prayer, and then angry and rejecting on my right. If He has been near to me and answered prayer on my left, then I must allow that He is loving and attentive on my right as well, even though He has not yet answered those prayers or met those needs. If God is loving me on the left, He’s also loving me on the right!

So, live in the grace of God as you wait for answers, and as you wait, allow yourself to be encouraged when you remember what God has done. Look for the blessings He is showering on you right now and understand that His heart for you is the same whether He is pouring out blessings in some areas or asking you to wait in others.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this, Pastor Scott. I went through this very thing recently. It wasn’t that God didn’t answer, but that His answer was a ‘no’ (we had a 2nd miscarriage). I definitely was struggling with guilt and what we did wrong…I couldn’t really identify with His loving, good side during this. But thanks for helping to bring clarity. Your perspective really helps. I can see that I would have seen Him as loving and good if the answer was a yes, but rightly said, He is the same, regardless of the answer. Thanks! We miss you!


    • Hi Miss Kate! I miss you guys too! It’s funny how we compartmentalize things! We can be receiving from God on one hand and on the other feel rejected. But if God is loving us in other areas of our lives then we must view the troubling areas through the filter of that love. I am sorry for what you guys are walking through but I know you are both growing by leaps and bounds! Sometimes humans can’t generate good answers for the things we go through. In my estimation, the only thing Job’s comforters did right was the seven days they were silent! But rest assured you are loved by God and by many, many people!


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