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America DOES Negotiate With Terrorists!

I was shocked to learn Sunday of the prisoner exchange in which the United States released five high level Taliban prisoners for the release of Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl, taken hostage by the Taliban five years ago.

Of course, if it had been my son I would have rejoiced, as any parent would. And I am sorry that Bergdahl suffered as he did (though it seems his capture came as the result of his own error in leaving the military base where he was stationed.) But, there is a reason for the resolve not to negotiate with terrorists. From now on, any terrorist who kidnaps an American on foreign soil has reason to believe that his demands will be met. This is just another way in which our President and his administration are demonstrating their disrespect for America and American values, and in which he and they demonstrate a fundamental lack of depth, insight, and preparedness to lead America.


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