Ellen DeGeneres: Caitlyn Jenner Gay Marriage Stance Is ‘Confusing’

Ok, so let me get this straight: the Olympian Gold Medalist Bruce Jenner, who changed his name to Caitlyn in order to express himself as a woman is being criticized by the lesbian Ellen DeGeneres because he is a traditionalist when it comes to marriage and seems to have a problem with gay marriage. Hmm…Jenner’s stance is “confusing” you say. Hmm . . . (guy has a male body but expresses himself as a woman to another woman who is married to a woman and thinks Jenner is hung up on the word marriage . . .) Yeah, I’d say there’s some confusion going on here.


Source: Ellen DeGeneres: Caitlyn Jenner Gay Marriage Stance Is ‘Confusing’

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  1. This IS quite confusing! The way my simple mind sees it is that someone who is transgender is not necessarily homosexual. So I guess, in Jenner’s specific circumstance, while he is a man that identifies as a woman, he would not then marry a man because he is still a man, physically speaking. He is not physically attracted to men which would explain why he was married three times while he had these feelings.
    You really do have to think about this very slowly because it is so counter intuitive.

    I think that when all is said and done the church must live as closely to God’s word as we possibly can and God will sort it all out. My heart does ache for those who cannot accept the way in which God made them. My head also aches in trying to understand/follow the topic.


    • Oddly enough, Lisa, the article said Jenner would not dance with Ellen (as her guests always do). So, how does that factor into the formula? Plus, the article said he was a Republican! As New Yorkers are fond of saying, you can’t make this stuff up!


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