I’m Wondering…?

No one would know it but in the last four and a half years since this blog has been online it has had views from almost every nation in the world. I don’t post all the time or even regularly, but I often wonder what I could write that might make an impact on people even outside of the U.S. Today, I am wondering who I can help? So, here is an invitation: I’d like towordpress coverage

  • pray for you,
  • encourage you,

answer a question about

  • Jesus,
  • about why I believe in God (or find out why you don’t)
  • etc.

If you are a believer in Jesus I would like to pray for you specifically. Prayer makes a difference!

Do you have suggestions about what you would like to see on this blog, subjects you would like me to deal with? Let me know!

If I can be a blessing to you in any of these ways, simply email me here and I will respond and do my best to be a blessing to you!

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