Get You Some CryptoBeadles!

Hey everyone, I just want to introduce you to a guy I found on YouTube. I don’t know his name but his Chanel is called CryptoBeadles.

I was looking for any real information on the token IOST. I decided to see if there was a video on YouTube about it—although I usually trust crypto videos about as far as I could throw them. Cause they are usually pump& dump hype. But this guy was interviewing one of the founders of IOST. Let me say this: there was just something I liked about him. Then, I watched Part 1 of his video introducing himself. He gives credit to God, acknowledged the faith, and even has a son who is becoming a pastor. I knew there was something about him that I liked!

So, if you are interested in crypto and want to hear from and honest and decent guy: hit you some CryptoBeadles!

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