Sunday Mornings: Life in the Middle!

  • If you live in the Long Island area, and especially if you
  • I am teaching from my book Life in the Middle every Sunday morning at 10:30 in the Auditorium.

    We have coffee so no need to go by the SGT Coffee Cafe before you can come to class.

    Here is an excerpt…

    God has a process. He has a way in which He moves us forward toward His will for our lives and toward participation in the larger story of what He is doing in time and history. This process is essentially characterized by several “movements” or stages. The flow of the process begins when we are dissatisfied with the status quo in our lives.[ 1] From this dissatisfaction arises a holy disturbance, a divine dissatisfaction if you will, which causes us to reconsider a great many things such as our fruitfulness, our attitudes, our actions, our future, and our purpose, just to mention a few. We begin to feel a spiritual burden. Out of this burden flows heartfelt, passionate, effectual prayer. This fervent, effectual prayer, fueled by the burden, produces a fresh, new vision—God’s vision. You could call it divine imagination! The vision can come in more than one way. It can be a direct word from the Lord, revealing His plan, or a simple thought we realize is from God. In any case, it is a picture of what things could be like if there were no barriers.[ 2] At this point, we must recognize that the vision, which flowed out of prayer, inspires more prayer which ultimately brings the vision to fruition. In summary, divine dissatisfaction leads to spiritual burden, and burden leads us into fervent, effectual prayer. Prayer gives birth to the vision (divine imagination), and then, bathed in further prayer, the vision is realized (victory). All that remains is to rejoice at what God has done in participation with us!

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