By All Means, Don’t Offend Anyone!

So, Dr. Goodfeels had a patient named Tom. dr.-good-feelsTom, went in for a routine check-up, but something very serious had shown up on an X-ray.

Tom was sort of high strung anyway, and the doctor knew that this was going to completely unnerve him and his family. Just two years earlier his father had died of the same disease. It hadn’t been caught in time and his father was gone pretty quickly.

To compound the problem, the doctor had known the family for many years and had high regard for them.

And so, the doctor, not wanting to scare Tom and his family or to make them feel badly, decided not to disclose the disease to Tom.

Three months later Tom was back and the disease had advanced so quickly that it was too late.

This time, the doctor had to tell Tom the truth. Tom was devastated. He was also confused. How had this not shown up on his test results just three months earlier? When he asked the doctor that question, the doctor confessed,

“Tom, I simply couldn’t tell you. Watching your father die and knowing how hard that was on you and your family, I knew if I told you it would be completely devastating. I didn’t want to make you feel bad so I decided not to tell you.”

“But Doctor! Had you told me, I could have gotten treatment and possibly survived! Now, because you didn’t want to upset me, you have killed me instead!”

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