Thank You Martin Luther King, Jr.!

I believe, in our present situation, that we are immensely fortunate to have the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s I Have a Dream speech! Have you ever read it? Can we not all agree to this?

I Have a Dream

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  1. I do not believe this a racial problem. George Floyd was a bad guy doing bad things. The problem here is that the ones who are supposed to be the good guys abused their authority. This is not only a black lives matters situation. Justice must be honored and served and upheld not only by those in authority but by everyone. Those abusing their authority must be removed. Those not doing justice must be held accountable and corrected.

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    • Thanks for sharing Marcella! Even if former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin could be proven to have acted out of something other than racism, we still are witnessing how deeply we are divided racially. We are now in a place where some are perhaps seeking less for justice and more for revenge or a turn of the tables so that others might suffer in order to “see how it feels.” I don’t believe Dr King wanted that.


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