In Case You Have Not Heard Sydney Powell’s Statement on Voter Fraud in the 2020 U.S. Presidential Election . . .

I made an independent copy of Sydney Powell’s statement earlier this week, describing multiple counts of voter fraud in the 2020 election. I did it because We can no longer trust the mainstream media and big tech like Facebook and Twitter to allow free speech.

So I posted the video one day ago on my Facebook page. It has since been shared 266 times and has had 7.6k views. That’s a lot for my page! I decided I should post it here as well.

In the last almost nine years that I have been blogging at, I have had visitors from almost every nation in the world. So, for them I decided I would make this video available. They may not be allowed to see things like this.

Unfortunately, among those in the American mainstream media, there is precious little journalistic commitment to truth or any sense that there is among them any longer an effort to be objective. There are those both inside and outside of the United States who are trying to destroy America. It is shameful. It is treasonous. The whole process has revealed that the United States is two different nations, or near to it.

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  1. Thanks for passing it along! While I’ve seen and heard her from the beginning on “alternate” channels, I have no forum except my FB page and emàil to pass it along, so really glad you could! All soooo important! Im actually getting excited!


    • Not sure a response is necessary. If the Trump team disconnected from her after that press conference then that’s what they did. It is foolish for media outlets and personalities to expect that she would be showing her evidence to them. She will liver or die based on the validity of her claims.


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