Dress Rehearsal for Isolation of Christians in the Endtimes

The links in this post give the details of an evil mentality that is growing so very quietly, subtly in western culture.

In a nutshell, Debra Messing expressed that those who support Donald Trump should be exposed, outed, listed and marked. In essence, Messing is calling for the ostracizing of a certain people because of their thought processes.

This is only a step away from forcing people to reveal who they have voted for. Such thinking is the root of fascism. Fortunately, this kind of logic still draws opposition, but only for a little while longer.

There will come a time when Christians will be marked as being obstacles to the greater good. That’s when the antichrist will be able to get to work in earnest.

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  1. Yet…we never hear this truth from most pulpits which sickens me to think church priorities are not to warn the sheep of the upcoming slaughter.
    Thank you for your honesty.


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